Cat Boarding in Horsmonden, Kent.

12 Large Rooms with individual heating. To accommodate a single cat up to 5 cats from same family.

All rooms are cleaned daily, beds re-made daily and litter trays changed twice per day or when necessary.

Between visitors all rooms are thoroughly disinfected.

Licenced to keep a Boarding Establishment for Animals.

Established 1986.

Information on Pullens Farm Cattery.



Booking Policy - No deposit is required. At the time of booking an arrival time is required, this acts as confirmation. No provisional bookings will be taken.

Cancellations - We require 14 days notice prior to arrival. If less than 14 days £45 will be charged as a cancellation fee.

If the house is re-let then there will be no cancellation charge.

MINIMUM STAY 5 DAYS during busy times; Easter, Summer holidays, Christmas & New Year
Otherwise MINIMUM CHARGE £45

WE ACCEPT PAYMENT BY BANK TRANSFER (a few days before arrival) CASH and CHEQUES only on arrival.
Sorry but no credit cards are taken.
A full day’s board is charged for the day of arrival and departure to allow for disinfecting and preparation of the house. No reductions for early collections.


Terms Of Admission

To board at Pullens Farm Cattery the owner must provide:

  • Vaccination Certificate - on arrival at the Cattery proof must be provided, by the owner or carer of the cat, that the animal has current vaccinations against Infectious Feline Enteritis, Feline Respiratory Disease (cat flu) and other relevant diseases. A record that this proof has been supplied must be kept. A course of vaccinations must have been completed at least two weeks before boarding starts or in accordance with veterinary advice.
  • Fleas and Worms - before arrival please makes sure your cat/s has been treated for worms and fleas at least 2 days before delivery. If we see any evidence that your cat has fleas or worms we reserve the right call a Veterinary Surgeon to treat your cat and you will agree to settle the vet’s bill.

While every care will be given to all cats, they and any items left, are boarded at their owner’s own risk. Please check you have all your belongings upon departure.

Cats can only be accepted if they are in good health - All male cats must be neutered.



  • Dry food We supply a selection of dry cat food, including IAM, Hills Science, Go-Cat, Whiskas …… and more
  • Wet food If your cat/s enjoy wet food or are on a prescription diet then you are required to bring this. Please make sure you bring enough wet food/prescription food for the duration of their holiday

Where more than one cat is sharing a house and we are concerned that one cat (or more) is not eating then we reserve the right to separate the cat/s to different houses to be able to assess if the cat/s need veterinary assistance.

The owner will be charged for the additional house/s occupied by their pet.
We do not charge for administering basic medication or grooming.
You give your consent for us call a veterinary surgeon on your behalf, should we consider it necessary, and for treatment to be carried out by a veterinary surgeon in the cat’s own interest. When possible we will endeavor to contact you, the cat’s owner, so you have the opportunity to discuss treatment etc. All veterinary charges will be payable by the owner.


Check list

VACCINATION CERTIFICATE ... cat/s up-to-date vaccination certificate must be produced on delivery.

WET FOOD - enough wet food for the duration of the holiday.

PRESCRIPTION FOOD - if applicable enough prescription foods must be provided.

MEDICATION - any medication should be clearly labeled with your cats name and full administration instructions.

COLLARS - for safety reasons please remove collars prior to your cats stay.

BEDDING - we suggest you bring plenty of familiar snugly bedding.

Having something from home helps settle your cat/s in. A couple of toys and scratching post are comforting too. If necessary bedding can be provided.

CARRIER BOX - please bring your cat/s in a secure carrier with only newspaper or similar inside.

Please no bedding inside the carrier box incase your cat has an accident! It is also preferred that each cat has it's own carrier box and not shared.


Please advise us of anything which we may be alarmed about regarding your pet but which may be perfectly normal for your cat/s i.e. runny eye, limping, lumps & bumps even some sneezing is normal for some. We don’t want to incur an unnecessary Veterinary bill for you.

Many customers like to email us while away and of course you are very welcome to do this. We completely understand the worry one goes through when leaving your cat/s.